Wen-Wen Lindroth, DAUK Chair, for Josh Van der Ploeg for Counsel

It is with pleasure that I am endorsing Josh Van der Ploeg for Legal Counsel for Democrats Abroad. I have collaborated closely with Josh in DAUK since 2017, in particular on the 2018 DAUK Blue Wave Bootcamp conference, which we co-chaired, and on the 2019-2021 Executive Committee. Through these interactions, my respect for Josh grows from project to project, and from year to year. Josh is an accomplished lawyer who is dedicated to building a better domestic and global society. His commitment to Democratic ideals is evident in his deep experience, beginning with founding Young Democrats groups in high school, college and later Democrats Abroad UK; his contributions to the Global Bylaws Committee and 2020 GPP Committee; and chairing of the Credentials and Rules Committees for the EMEA and Global Conventions in 2020. Josh has also served very successfully as DAUK’s Treasurer for two terms, leaving our country committee on extremely strong financial footing. Josh’s commitment to progressive causes is also evident in his leadership role in the employee union at the international organization where he works, for which he serves as Vice Chair. He reflects a fresh and dogma-free approach to Democratic politics and I believe he will do the same in managing the legal and compliance structure of Democrats Abroad. I have confidence that the strategic and blue sky thinking he plans to bring to the role of Global Legal Counsel will strongly benefit our entire organization and the Democratic Party. On a personal level, Josh has perfect bearing for DA’s legal counsel: he is level-headed, analytical and careful to consider all points of view before making a decision. I have found Josh down-to-earth, low drama and personable, like the Michigander he is. Josh is consistently considerate and empathetic with fellow volunteers; these are crucial values that he will bring to bear on DA’s culture if elected. I believe that Josh will make a fine and impactful Legal Counsel for Democrats Abroad and warmly recommend that you vote for him as well.