Wen-Wen Lindroth, Chair, DAUK for Aaron Kruse for Vice Chair

I am wholeheartedly endorsing Aaron Kruse for the role of Vice Chair of DA. I view Aaron as extremely well qualified as the second-in-charge for Democrat Abroad, having worked closely with him on the 2020 DA Platform. Aaron served as Co-Chair of the Platform Committee while I was a Co-Vice Chair; we spoke weekly, if not daily.

From these interactions and watching Aaron in action both behind the scenes and in front, e.g. moderating the Platform debate at the 2020 DPCA Global Convention, I can say without reservation that Aaron is empathetic, considerate, highly competent, persuasive and strategic - regardless of rank. I have found him consistently thoughtful and patient, inclusive and careful to include input from our membership and our leadership. One example was his spearheading of the DA policy issue survey that he designed, and then analyzed, for the Platform drafting process, and that included the entire DA membership.

As a leader of leaders, Aaron is also effective in soliciting views before taking action. I personally found him highly supportive and engaged in helping me to introduce a Diversity and Inclusion editing panel for the Platform, and I know that he spent a significant amount of time working directly with Caucus leaders and members to ensure that the Platform reflected our diversity.

Aaron is an exemplary DA member and leader and I believe that he will partner extremely well with our other new DA leaders. I endorse Aaron for Vice Chair without reservation and encourage DPCA voting representatives to support Aaron for Vice Chair.