Vance White, Immediate Past Chair, DA Switzerland, for Ada Shen for Chair

Hello Fellow Democrats! What a great success we have achieved as an organization in the last 4 years. Great work by everyone!

I am very excited to see that Ada Shen (France) is running for International Chair of Democrats Abroad. My experiences with Ada have always been so encouraging and motivating. Ada is organized, driven and focused. I have had the pleasure of speaking with Ada on several occasions and we talked a lot about diversity and inclusion (D&I). I believe that Ada has the insights and experience to help bring DA to the next level of D&I so that we can be a model for the DNC of how to focus on this important topic. I also believe that Ada has great leadership skills to help improve the time management and focus of the DA Global Meetings, and how to keep the organization exciting and bring in new members and more volunteers. The personal style and manner in which Ada conducts business will benefit all of us so that our voices are heard and our mission is accomplished.

While I was the Chair for Democrats Abroad Switzerland, I quickly learned to count on Ada for sound and reasonable advice. Ada always knew the background of issues that I might encounter as a new Chair and she had the foresight and vision to give me valuable ideas of how to gear towards success with events and involvement of members. Often, DA France already had graphics, slogans, materials, and organization of events well underway whenever a topic or idea was suggested by other locations. Ada and her team were always ahead of the game. And yet, Ada was always generous in giving credit and thanks to others.

I believe that Ada listens well and that she has bright and achievable ideas for DA and that she will bring DA Global to even greater success.

I wish everyone a successful meeting and tremendous support for the next leadership team.


Immediate Past Chair

Democrats Abroad Switzerland