Pastor Victor Andre Greene for Ada Shen for Chair

Here is Ada: Ada sits at Shakespeare & Company. Ada wears an audacious optimism as Ada holds voting ballots. Ada is convinced, though the weather be foul, the people hold the power to make the world the way it should be. Ada is at the little coffee table outside the bookshop… laughing at times; other times, plotting against global injustices… she shows up there again… and continues to show up with more and more people. Together. Laughing. Raging. Learning how to believe.

…This is Ada.

I met Ada in 2018 at a March for Our Lives rally. Ada and several youth were working on placards protesting against United States gun violence. As a clergy member commissioned to Paris, I witnessed then what I continue to witness: Ada’s political engagement is motivated to help widen our moral imagination… and because lives are dependent on it. Her words then, the signs-made, the voting registration, our small talk all confirmed that we had shared principles: advocacy for the marginalized, righteous anger, an ethic of care for one another and the planet, the necessity for on-the-ground, ground-roots innovation, coalition building; radical inclusivity in all spheres of our communities; initiatives whose ideals and goals move beyond catchy slogans or the same humdrum policies whereby the same few are benefited over the others; taking action, speaking truth to power; love; change. From 2018 to the present, the scope of Ada’s work has continued to impact me and others who call the United States home.

In addition to being a Clergy member and thanks to Ada, I have become a member of Democrats Abroad Diversity Caucus. As a member, I have also seen Ada organize and strategically bring Democrats Abroad closer together with great enthusiasm and creativity. Both up close and at a distance, Ada’s activity and programming ensure no one is rendered invisible, stories are heard, shared, and believed. Perhaps I can say it this way: Ada is the first person I think of when I speak about Democrats Abroad. I cannot imagine Democrats Abroad without Ada.

This is Ada: Ada’s leadership, presence, vision-casting, and persistence for Democrats Abroad have and continue to help global USA citizens become a force of hope and change. For these reasons, I am proud to endorse Ada Shen to be elected as the new International Chair of Democrats Abroad.

Pastor Victor Andre Greene