Maya Buchanan, DA Global Voter Protection Chair, DPCA Representative

Updated: May 14, 2021

Ada embodies the vision, passion, experience, values and interpersonal skills that I want to see in our next DA Chair.

She demonstrates integrity in the way she is called to lead, with a commitment to building inclusiveness, inspiring, supporting and empowering vital new leadership along the way.

She is a strong progressive focussed on the key issues and policies of US politics (climate change, voting rights & voter protection, social & economic justice) with highly developed plans on how to reach and mobilize millions of voters through grassroots activism, organising and volunteer power.

I am particularly excited for Ada’s strong vision for Voter Protection. DA Global Voter Protection, the brainchild of the current leadership, was a new and extremely important initiative for DA in helping to ensure that all overseas votes could be counted. I know that she will take this work from strength to strength.

I highly value her ideas about how to ‘keep our activist base engaged and deployment-ready’, even as we ‘plan for natural downtime with the election cycle’. Being able to get this balance right is critical for DA Voter Protection as we focus on project based work in between elections, ramp up our work in the voting season and then do post election work preparing for potential court cases and ballot curing.

I hope that you will join me in voting for Ada Shen as our next DA Global Chair.

Maya Buchanan

DA Global Voter Protection, Chair

DPCA Representative

DAUK Policy Network, Voting Rights and Democracy Group, Chair