Martha McDevitt-Pugh for Aaron Kruse for Vice Chair

I've had the pleasure of serving with Aaron on the Democratic National Committee and working him on the Democrats Abroad platform, which he chaired.

Aaron thrives in the face of challenge. As a new DNC member, he built working relationships within the DNC during the pandemic, which postponed indefinitely our opportunity to meet in person. These relationships are fundamental to DA being a partner to state parties and to being seen and known as an effective organization that works across global geographies to make the difference in close elections.

As a DA leader, Aaron has demonstrated leadership at all levels -- country committee, region and in global teams. He brings passion, enthusiasm and experience gained as the country chair of DA China, AP regional DNC member, and Chair of the Bylaws and Platform Committees. Aaron is at heart an innovator. He deploys his professional skills to make DA more participatory and representative globally, as he did with the platform survey process. This is exactly the kind of bold leadership and global engagement that we need right now.

We are already in the midst of the 2022 election cycle, and bills to take away our electoral power are on the floor in legislatures across the country.

We need leaders like Aaron who are ready to serve.

I wholeheartedly endorse Aaron Kruse to be our next international Vice Chair.