Juan D. Cerda, Paris Chapter Chair, DPCA Voting Representative France, Former Vice-Chair of Austria

It is my pleasure to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Ada Shen for Global Chair of Democrats Abroad.

From the first day I met Ada years ago as the former Vice-Chair of Austria, she shared with me her values and commitment towards inclusion and how important diversity is to the future of the Democratic Party. Ada Shen will work and lead us to build a stronger coalition and widen the Democrats Abroad party tent.

As the Paris Chapter Chair now, I have a first-hand look at the robust infrastructure, foresight, and vision that Ada Shen has left during her tenure as Chair of France. I have developed a quick trust towards Ada, who shared her knowledge, passion, and experiences for Democrats Abroad France with me. Thanks to her commitment and the framework she put in place, I was able to be fully operational and support the organization immediately.

Ada has extensive experience at Democrats Abroad, she has played an active role in volunteering countless hours to Democrats Abroad and has served in key leadership roles such as past Chairs of two country committees China & France, located in two vastly different regions. This time zone regional difference gives her the unique perspective and experience that no other candidate has. From voter registration to training volunteers, get-out-the-vote efforts, engaged in bylaws and governance committees, Ada has helped to identify strategic engagements and bilateral meetings to deliver key messages on the critical path to success for the Democrat Party. Ada is a passionate, committed, well-tested leader, an excellent performer with high standards of ethics. She recognizes and builds future leaders and does not play politics as usual. Ada's years of experience, unique skills, passion, and commitment will lead us to victory in 2022 and beyond as our global chair; join me in voting for Ada Shen for global chair!

Juan D. Cerda

Paris Chapter Chair

DPCA Voting Representative France

Former Vice-Chair of Austria