John Lindsay, DAUK Executive Committee Member and DPCA Voting Representative for Ada Shen for Chair

Everyone agrees that Democrats Abroad is at an inflection point. Everyone agrees that we have more opportunity to influence policy-making at home than ever before. But only Ada Shen has the vision and the experience to make this a reality.

As International Chair, she will modernize our political outreach and establish a political engagement team ready to deliver on the demands of our members. Under her leadership, this team will provide a central space for activism, enabling our members to call their representatives from the town council to the United States Senate, and help shape the debate in Washington through internal straw polling and reporting. These actions will ensure that our views and voices are heard, and allow us to apply direct pressure where it matters the most: the ballot box.

Ada understands the unique role Democrats Abroad plays within the wider party system, and how to maneuver within existing infrastructures to grow and strengthen the party abroad. She has the right experience, temperament, and vision to guide Democrats Abroad through this pivotal time, and I am proud to lend her my endorsement for International Chair.