Inge Kjemtrup, Past Chair, DAUK, for Ada Shen for Chair

I am delighted to endorse Ada Shen for Chair of Democrats Abroad, because I believe she has the experience, drive, and vision to lead Democrats Abroad for the next two years.

From when I first met Ada at a DPCA meeting, I was taken by her intelligence, her passionate nature, and her desire to elevate others (because who knows where the next good idea might come from?).

The more I got to know Ada, the more impressed I became. Time and again, I have seen her seek out common ground and forge coalitions. She will disagree with you on issue A before lunch and collaborate with you on issue B after.

I’ve seen Ada preside over meetings large and small, doing so with confidence, authority and warmth, making space for those whose voices don’t always get heard. Ada always keeps the big picture in mind, even as she confirms that every detail has been considered – vital attributes in an organizer and a leader.

Ada understands the value of working with other DA leaders around the globe. She knows that local situations vary, but our common concerns are the same. As a fellow CC Chair, every time I spoke with Ada, I came away feeling invigorated. She has been a fount of ideas and encouragment.

Most importantly, Ada has an acute understanding of how crucial the next two years are, not only for Democrats but for the survival of small-d democracy. Ada Shen is the best person to engage our members, energize our leaders, and inspire overseas Democrats to stay engaged and win in 2022.

Inge Kjemtrup

Immediate Past Chair, DAUK

DPCA Representative

DAUK Executive Committee At-Large Member