Drew Lombardi, Vice Chair, DA France, for Ada Shen for Chair

Updated: May 7, 2021

It is with great pride and excitement that I endorse Ada Shen for Global Chair of Democrats Abroad.

I am a millennial who has spent my life in progressive politics as a community organizer, policy researcher, and most recently a volunteer for Bernie Sanders.

I was brand new to DA last year, but quickly saw that Ada is invested in growing the organization and making space for young activists to contribute our organizing skills and deliver electoral wins for Democrats.

She has the vision, temperament, and experience to excel as Global Chair.

I met Ada in Paris during the 2020 Democratic Primary, while I was a volunteer organizer coordinating phone and text banking for Bernie Sanders in France, and not yet a member of Democrats Abroad. Ada and her VoteFromAbroad team was consistently present at Bernie events registering voters for US elections and for the Global Presidential Primary. I especially appreciated her encouragement to our group to participate in broader Democrats Abroad primary events. Over time it became clear that Ada was sincerely committed to expanding participation in Democrats Abroad, including among progressives like me. When I expressed interest in the 2nd Vice Chair of DA France position, she answered my questions and even connected me with other DA France leaders to help me understand so that I could better envision how to serve in the position, were I to win. She worked hard to open up DA to new, motivated members. I can honestly say that Ada was a huge part of what made me and other newcomers on the leadership team feel welcome in DA. I also believe Ada has a clear vision of how Democrats Abroad can be improved in order to contribute even more to winning elections. Her experience in both China and France has honed her sense of organizing strategies that can increase DA’s impact while preventing the rest of us from wasting time and effort trying to reinvent the wheel. From her ability to build organizational infrastructures to her strong communication skills, DA will be stronger than ever with Ada at the helm. It is for these reasons that I strongly encourage you to vote for Ada for Global Chair. Please feel free to contact me at drew.lombardi@democratsabroad.fr.