David J. Mustra, Vice Chair Candidate, for Ada Shen for Chair

Updated: May 13, 2021

Having worked behind-the-scenes in DC for many years prior to venturing abroad, it has been a rewarding experience to be able to shift back to political engagement and participate in the candidate dialogues during the forums for this year’s Democrats Abroad elections process. Throughout this undertaking it has been my pleasure to be able to interact with Ada Shen during the course of the election cycle.

Based on my time observing her approach to the campaign process, hearing her thoughts on navigating a path forward in the years ahead, and speaking with her directly on policy and advocacy strategies and approaches, I have been struck by her insightfulness and clear understanding of the realities of the challenges that lay before us. My candidacy for Vice Chair is one of asking to be considered as a senior professional and strategist from outside of the organizational norms that is committed to working to inform and ensure that no matter who is chosen during the global meeting that the leadership team is one that builds an effective, dynamic, and inclusive approach that drives DA and our efforts to a successful future.

With that being said, based on my personal experience speaking with Ada, I happily offer my support and endorse her campaign to be elected as Chair. I do believe that she has the wisdom and maturity to expand upon DA’s core constituency and build the foundation of coalitions and political advocacy that will be required to continue to drive towards success in the midterm elections and beyond.

While Ada and I may differ in perspective on some issues, I have been impressed by her openness to debate and discuss those differences, and from my time in DC I know that is a key attribute to any successful political organization and its leadership.

So, as you enter into this weekend’s elections, as I have been told that my own candidacy has caused many to stop and evaluate the choices that lay ahead with their vote and the ramifications that their ballot may hold for the direction that we take in the future, I ask you to also evaluate your vote for International Chair and consider Ada and her candidacy.

No matter the outcomes that this weekend may hold, I am sure we are all ready and willing to step up and work together to build upon past successes and overcome the challenges created by the political environment under the last administration.

David J. Mustra, Vice Chair Candidate