Danielle Follett, First Vice Chair, DA France for Ada Shen for Chair

Danielle Follett

DA France First Vice Chair

Endorsement, Ada Shen for DA Global Chair

I am very impressed and inspired by the way Ada’s leadership combines passion with pragmatism, and progressive ideals with an extremely practical approach to organizing. She’s very attentive to details while simultaneously keeping her eyes on the big picture of this urgent political moment. She has the depth and breadth of experience in DA and the knowledge of its workings that are necessary for the job of Global Chair, and combines this with true, contagious enthusiasm for strengthening the party and motivating activists and voters.

I had been a relatively passive member of DA France until Ada strongly encouraged me to get further involved, inspiring me to run for a leadership position. I’m an experienced progressive organizer and worked for Sanders in the primary doing outreach, phonebanking and GOTV. Ada’s tireless work has been invaluable in broadening the organization, welcoming new voices and making DA France more inclusive. She is very accessible and always makes time to answer questions concretely. Under her leadership DA France has vastly expanded membership, raised voter turnout and instituted new practices that strengthen its capacity for activism and outreach. She will bring these same qualities and capacities to DA Global. She has the ability to listen, inspire and include, and DA Global will greatly benefit from her many years of leadership experience in two countries.

I enthusiastically endorse Ada’s candidacy and encourage you to vote for her for Global Chair. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions, at d.follett [at] orange.fr.