Anne Dlugosz, 2020 DNC Sanders Delegate for Ada Shen for Chair

Ada Shen has done an extraordinary job of bringing all tendencies of Democratic voters together to get Democrats elected, while also making DA France more than just a GOTV effort or a social club.

I first met Ada when I decided to run as a Bernie delegate. Her questions were not who I knew or why I had supported Bernie, but what would I do after the convention: to help get Trump and the malignancy of his administration out of power, and to help engage Americans living abroad continually in politics beyond the four-year election cycle.

The importance of small “d” democracy and engaging people is key to Ada’s work. She is admirable in the way she keeps the organization active and effective, supporting transformative change while also working with people of different ideologies. She’s running not for herself, but to bring that energy and effectiveness in France to Democrats Abroad globally.

I enthusiastically support Ada for DA Global Chair!

Anne Dlugosz

2020 DNC Sanders Delegate