Adrienne Johnson, DA UK Voting Rep., Chair of DA UK Black Caucus

Adrienne Johnson, UK Voting Representative, Chair, UK Black Caucus

I met Ada in-person for the first time at the EMEA Regional meeting in Madrid. This was the gathering where the Global Black Caucus was officially introduced to fellow leaders. As a Founding Member of the Global Black Caucus Steering Committee, I can say she has been a strong ally along the way.

It is my pleasure to endorse Ada Shen to be the next Chair of Democrats Abroad. My endorsement is rooted in an understanding of the skills required of leaders at this pivotal moment in U.S. history, coupled with my deep regard for her proven record of activism and strategic leadership across two of DA’s three regions. Throughout her time in DA, Ada has shown tenacity, sensitivity, courage, pragmatism, and commitment to upholding Democratic principles.

From organizing overseas Americans in China, to bringing fresh ideas for mobilizing to a founding country of Democrats Abroad, her efforts have served our Party well. Neither of those undertakings were for the faint-hearted. Ada is known for her candor. Something I very much value. She has also exhibited resilience in the face of adversity. She doesn't shy away from robust discussion about things that matter. These skills are further complemented by her institutional knowledge and vision for the future of this organization that we all work so hard for. During my time as a DA leader, I have seldom seen a fellow volunteer put in so much effort to understand the ins- and outs required for the success of our internal and external work.

Ada brings a wealth of experience, unique perspective, exceptional talent, intelligence and a deep desire to see our country live up to its promise.

I am proud to be supporting Ada for Chair. I hope you will too.

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