Build Our Political Power

Democrats Abroad for All

We Must Build Political Engagement 


The evolution of Democrats Abroad has gone from focusing on our core value proposition of Voter Registration until 2018, when we began to add to data and emphasis on Voter Protection. Democrats Abroad for All means that the next level of engagement we need to build out as Democrats Abroad is political engagement. This will tie together many elements to help us all work more effectively and efficiently.

  • Global and Country Caucuses help us host critical conversations as DA — as individuals but also collectively. As an AAPI Steering Committee member, I understand their importance, and also the need to grow the caucuses by supporting their development, and how they organize at the country committee level.

  • Political Engagement Team: Caucus, and other, calls to action are difficult to find — this is wasting their efforts, and we are not measuring their effectiveness. I would create a Global Political Engagement team to coordinate and collect all action campaigns, and put them in a single, persistent place, and make sure they are kept current.

  • “Political Power Hour” events make calls to action less overwhelming to the average member/voter by doing it together (online or in person when conditions permit). Also we should not assume that all our members know how to make calls to Congress. These are 1 hour meetings hosted on a regular basis, where any member can just show up and be walked through how to call Congress on whatever the current priority actions are, together. Every call opens with a short training / overview on how to make calls, looking at the list of current actions, and we do the calls together.

  • “Call Congress Network” – we launch toll-free numbers in countries around the world that make calling US Senators and House Reps a free local call. We also launch an online dialler, for DA member use only that just calls Congress. Then we can track who is calling, who they are calling. Now we can measure the effects of our calls actions and work to improve them.

  • Then when we are working with Senators and Congresspeople and the White House, state parties, candidate campaigns, and the DNC, we can show them our effects. “We made 10,000 calls on this issue.” This makes them far more likely to pay attention to us.