United, We Will

Democrats Abroad For All

Set the Tone from the Top

How we conduct ourselves matters. Diversity and inclusion matters. We will review the Charter, the code of conduct, and our governance guidelines to better address conflict of interest, data privacy and confidentiality, anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies, and to better support the conduct of elections to allow them to better attract and retain the organizing talent that every community in Democrats Abroad needs. As our organization has grown, our guidance must also adapt to new challenges, for the good of all. Compliance needs to be more sensible, less arcane, training and solution-based, not punishment-based. Pointy bits out, not at each other, please.



We will conduct a listening tour to make sure we connect with all our country committee leaders, global volunteers, and teams. We will also implement feedback mechanisms so that you can tell us what is working, what isn’t, and what we can do together to improve things. We will make Global ExCom meetings more accessible, more purposeful, and transparent for those who have interest.

Adapt Infrastructure to Better Serve our Needs


We are no longer a party outpost centered on Europe. We have some 200,000 members around the world, and we need to organize like it.

Grow Our Support of Global Teams


  • We need to build a deeper bench around our key areas of Voter Registration/Voting Rights, and Voter Protection, and launch Political Engagement tools to keep our activist base engaged and deployment-ready, even as we plan for natural downtime with the election cycle.

  • We should take a serious look at proposals to expand the ExCom. One way is to an RVC to each region -- perhaps North Asia & South Asia, North America & South America, and Europe & Middle East-Africa.

  • Continue to professionalize our internal and external communications, with an eye on media training support for Country Committee and global leaders that looks at key non-English language media markets.

  • Launch a Global Political Engagement Team - to make sure that we keep our commitments and to provide more support on the issues and activism our members care about. 

  • Tackle the technological and organizing challenges which inhibit country committee growth and the which inhibit caucus growth at the country committee level.

Build Our Collective Knowledge


Focus on ways to make information easier to find — develop on-boarding documents, review internal comms and project management tools, clarify who uses what, when, and why. At the same time, we need to make sure that we are compliant with GDPR and make sure that we reinforce data privacy principles with our practices. The Wiki is awesome, but we can continue to improve it, the website, and other tools, to better support how we organize.

Annual Strategy, Planning, and Budget Meeting


Decide what we need to achieve, how we will achieve it, make a plan, and budget for it. Evaluate how we did. Rinse and repeat.

Leverage Our Greatest Resource


Our greatest resource is our people -- our global network of volunteers and activists, ready and willing to do things that are going to make a difference. We must organize more efficiently and to our strengths around the world to better drive scale and impact in measurable ways.