Our Vision

Democrats Abroad For All means:

We are the global grassroots for “The Big Tent” Party, the Democratic Party.


We are the party of the people abroad — we are no longer just a party outpost focused on Western Europe. We are activists, organizers, volunteers everywhere around the world, with the potential to touch and mobilize millions of votes. We need to PLAN and ORGANIZE like it. This means reviewing, revamping, connecting up our infrastructure, tools, teams, and how we use them, to be more efficient, agile, effective, at scale. It means planning for the ebb and flow of the election cycle. It means measuring our impacts. It means consciously building coalitions and partnerships to extend our reach. It means working together as a globally connected collective, unified, in ways we never have before.


We are a bellwether of US Democratic politics.


As Democrats Abroad, we can IMAGINE and INFLUENCE what it means to be a Democrat in the 21st century. We must keep having critical conversations about current events, issues, policies, and US politics, while prioritizing existential crises like climate, voting rights, social & economic justice. We must COMMUNICATE in ways that inspire, extend our reach, bring people along, and build TRUST, while LISTENING to our audiences and members to make sure we are reflecting their issues and priorities.


When we all vote, we change the future.


We know that US elections will continue to be close, and that Democrats need to win not only federal races, but also state and local elections. We must continue to develop and support the VoteFromAbroad teams and Voter Protection teams, and to build out the bench around them with the wave of activist volunteers who stepped forward — many of whom are now in leadership positions around the world. We need to make sure we are supporting and building GOTV/political engagement capacity at the local level. We can look at how we can better serve and support US voters, including directing activists to GOTV/voter protection opportunities in the US. We need to connect people’s activism and issues with political action, and concretely demonstrate legislative and electoral impacts. We must TAKE ACTION — support our issues advocacy and calls to action with a POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT TEAM, that can give country committees, chapters, and caucuses the tools they need to mobilize action in measurable ways. We must use 2022 to not only keep the Senate, House and flip State and local elections, but to lay the groundwork for the next Presidential Elections of 2024.