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The Call to Action​


Friends: the world is on fire, and we are out of time.


Yes, Democrats beat Trump and delivered Biden the Presidency — with Democrats Abroad mobilizing the overseas vote, and delivering the margin of victory in three states. Grassroots organizing made the difference delivering the Senate to Democrats by the thinnest of margins. 


Democrats — with control of White House, Senate, and House — are moving forward like never before. Legislating, governing, saving lives, creating jobs, building infrastructure, getting serious about the climate crisis. Turning things around. We feel like we are no longer living in the "upside down." 


But this is the easy part. It gets harder from here. 


72 million people voted for Trump in 2020 — more people voted for the worst president ever in 2020 than in 2016. While even more Americans voted against Trump and for President Biden, giving Democrats victory, this tells us that Republican voters were undeterred by Trump — they did not care that his racist, ignorant policies were killing people, making us less safe, more fragile, more divided. We already know that 2022 and 2024 elections will be close, and we will not have the specter of Trump to mobilize Democrats. And we know that in close races, this is where Democrats Abroad shines.

US politics are still fractiously noisy, divided. Conspiracy theories wreak havoc, undermining trust — and have spread to other languages. Violence against BIPOC people continues unabated despite years of protest. We incarcerate and treat with suspicion people seeking refuge from crises too often created by US policies and globalization. Violence and hate crimes are on the rise. Misogynistic and bigoted laws  obstructing basic human rights are hypocritically defended by the right as “religious freedom.” It can be easier to get a gun than to vote in some places. The world is on fire, literally, from climate change. None of this went away while Trump fiddled, and the nation burned — it just got worse.


It is what it is. The clock is ticking. Democrats must keep the House and Senate in 2022, with eyes the next Presidential elections in 2024, and beyond. Democrats must win state and local elections across the country because this is how we transform our country.


Democrats Abroad must once again rise to the challenge.

To rise to the challenge of this historic, political challenge, DA must again transform ourselves. No longer are we a party outpost focused on Europe. People around the world are answering our call to action, we are today an organization with hundreds of thousands of active members around the world. Looking to us to lead. We are the only state party to run every race in the country and we can lead that fight from abroad. We need to organize to that potential.


Friends, we are gonna need a bigger boat. We must come together now, as a body of the whole, as all of Democrats Abroad, and work together to build it.